Kelle Grace Gaddis, MFA

Creative Philosophy

My work intersects my personal and cultural history and it engages my love of magical realism, spirituality, science, politics and philosophy. I am enthralled with the world. I write about my life experiences and completely fabricated realities.

The poetry that I’ve been producing lately is inspired by life events in my 20’s and 30’s. My literary fiction, typically, springs from how I look at the world, whatever strikes me as meaningful or hilarious. I like to laugh, cry and roll around in the dark and light places of human nature to create characters that readers (hopefully) will relate.

Part of my creative process involves filtering my past experiences through a wide lens. I draw from memory but, memory is fragmented, a faulty catalogue. It doesn’t provide every detail, only a series of disjointed frames, thoughts and feelings. If one considers how much time we live, it is odd to find minutes standing where hours, days or years once existed. I fill this space with imagination, examining not only what was but what might have been or could be.