Kelle Grace Gaddis, MFA


Five Willows Poetry Review – June 2016 – “Writer,” “Twenty-seven Realizations in Five Days,” “Uncle,” “Lost Tribe,” “The Fisherwoman,” and “Sun Meets Moon.”

Hessler Street Fair Anthology – May 2016 – “Love V. Marriage”

LOLX – April 2016 – Poem “Existential Crisis”

Shake The Tree Anthology Volume II – March 2016 – Three Poems from It Is What It Is, It Was What It Was

M.L. Johnson’s Contemporary Poetry Anthology Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze – February 2016 – Three poems from My Myths.

The New Independents Magazine / The hardcopy Magazine debuts in December 2015 – Poem “When I Was A Child”

BlazeVOX15  / BlazeVOX – Poems “Chasing” revised “Hung-over” and revised “Disparate Moments” December 2015

Thirteen Myna Birds / Blood Pudding Press – Poem, “Hung-over” September 2015

MyMyths – Chapbook forthcoming January 2016

A Starry Night Sanctuary – Poem, “The Veil” September 2015

Knot Literary Magazine –  Spring edition “Disparate Moments”  and “Charlie On The Edge” March – June 2015

Entropy Magazine – Poem, “Remembering” as part of their “Final Poems” Event May of 2015

DoveTales Literary Journal republished – “Wishes” in their May 2015 Nature Edition anthology.

Shake The Tree: A Poetry Anthology, Volume One – An excerpt from Polishing A Gem On The Surface Of The Sea.

Knot Literary & Arts Magazine – Short story “The Hot Zone” and her poems “Surf Music,” “The Situation,” “When He Breaks” and “Empty” were chosen for the November 2014 edition.

DoveTales Literary Journal – “Wishes” was selected in October of 2014 to appear in Dove Tales Online Edition November 2014.

Blackmail Press, Edition 37 – “A Day At The Beach With The NSA” September of 2014.

One of 4Culture’s “Poetry on the Buses” winners March 2015. My poem “The Way Home” will be a part of a group installation on the 4Culture website. The poem will also appear on bus placards in Seattle, Washington from November 2014 through November 2015.

Polishing A Gem On The Surface Of The Sea, my first book, was published by the University of Washington as a thesis in June of 2014. The revised version will be released in October 2015 by Jouissance Press

Husky Herald Newspaper article, “Risky Business: Problem Gambling Among College Students,” was published in 2013. It is one of many Husky Herald pieces published between 2013-2014

Clamor Literary Journal 2012, “Lovers” (Poem)

Clamor Literary Journal 2013, “Charlie On The Edge of Town” (Short Story)

Clamor Literary Journal 2011, “Reservation” (Poem)

Poetry prize winner in’s National Poetry Contest 2004 “Tulalip” (Poem)

Poetry / Chapbooks

It Is What It Is – It Was What It Was

Polishing A Gem On The Surface Of The Sea 

American Discard (Erasure)


Visions Of 

Recent Readings

The Jewel Box Theater Shake The Tree Volume Two Launch featuring CA Conrad and Kelle Grace Gaddis, Deborah Woodard and Anastacia Renee Tolbert – May 2016

The Creekside in Kirkland – Featured Reader February 2016

The Jewel Box Theater Triple Book Launch Featuring, Kelle Grace Gaddis, Anastacia Renee Tolbert & Deborah Woodard November 2015

Lit Crawl Seattle October 2015

UWB Spring Festival – May 2013 and May 2014

Hugo House Open Mics (Twice monthly between 2011 – 2015)

Greenlake Library – Featured poet August 2014


Kelle Grace Gaddis received her MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics from the University of Washington in 2014. She is proud to have graduated at the top of her class with a 3.96 GPA. Her education continues with ongoing classes with PNWA, WFWA, WIWA and Hugo House classes.


Ms. Gaddis is currently the lead editor of Brightly Press. Brightly Presses annual anthology, Shake The Tree features some of the most recognized poets in the country including CA Conrad, Frank Sherlock, Kate Durbin, Malachi Black, Deborah Woodard, Kit Frick, Maged Zaher, Carolyne Lee Wright, Natasha Moni, TC Tolbert, Kelle Grace Gaddis and the 2015 American Book Award winner Craig Santos Perez. Now that the press is in its third year, with a couple of AWP debuts behind them, Ms. Gaddis has set her sights on AWP 2017 and the presses third poetry anthology. Brightly Presses website is at You can join Brightly Press on Facebook.


Kelle Grace Gaddis performs regularly at Hugo House, RASP and other open mic events and at other venues in and around the Seattle area.

She was the host of the Arts, Literature & Music Hour on UWAVE Radio 2013-2014.

TV work includes a seminar segment for The Ghost Adventurers TV show during their Seattle production in 2011. A portion of this segment can be found on YouTube by searching for “Kelle Grace Gaddis and Darkness Radio 2011.”

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