Kelle Grace Gaddis, MFA



Micro Fiction, “‘Under The Lioness’s Paw,” NYC National Mico Fiction Contest, 11th out of 18.5K entries, January 2023.

Poem, “Winter’s Sun,” Sunnyside Scoop, January 2023.

Short story, “Radical,” Sunnyside Scoop, January 2023.

Essay, “Stop Klaus Schwab and The World Economic Forum From Creating A Slave Society, “The Tree of Liberty online political journal, December 2022.

Essay, Nispolok Magazine, May 2022.

Essay, Substack, May 2022.

“Letters,” short story, published by January 2022. (Hardcopy coming out February 2022).

Screenplay, “Fast Women” submitted to Final Draft “Big Break” Screenwriting Contest. September 2021.

Top five finalist in the national NYC Screenwriting Contest, August 2021.

The Literary Parrot Anthology, short story, “Radical,” July 2021.

The Parkchester Times, Newspaper, published “Charlie On The Edge Of Town,” May 2021.

The New York Parrot Literary Journal, Four stories, “Rising Water,” “Charlie On The Edge Of Town,” “Radical,” and “Crazy Making,” one story will be published each Saturday in April 2021 on their website.

Interview and literary reading, The New York Parrot Literary Corner on YouTube on April 5th at 6 PM EST

Wildfire Publications, “Cold Places,” forthcoming April 2021.

“Remorse,” poem, Medium March 2021.

Litterateur, flash fiction, “Radical,” October 2020.

“Santiago,” fiction, an honorable Mention in the NYC Fiction Contest. “Santiago” was also published by The Short Story Project March 2020.

“Doris Lessing,” anthology/essay, A Tribue to Doris Lessing, January 2020.Border, poem, P.O.S.E. online, December 2019.

“Crazy Making,” Fiction, Drinkers Only Magazine, October 2019.

NYC Flash Fiction Contest, In the top fifteen for round #1 of their 2019 Contest, September 2019.

“Hope,” poem, Medium, August 2019.

Three poems featured in Time of the Poet Profiles in Africa, July 2019.

“Let’s Carry On,” poem, Drinkers Only Magazine, July 2019.

“When I’m Not Myself,” Chapbook, published by Cyberwit, June 2019. (The book will be available at the Cyberwit store and Amazon for $15 before July 30, 2019).

The Review Review, Interview, “Many Publisher/Editors, Like Myself, Identify as Writers First,” June 2019.

Trish Hopkinson’s Blog, Interview, “My Interview With Kelle Grace Gaddis,” June 2019.

Review of Adam Levon Brown’s chapbook appears in Alien Buddha Zine Se7en, May 2019.

“Building,” poem, Poetry of Spring’s Embrace, May 2019.

“Peace After Battle,” poem, P.O.S.E., April 2019.

Wildfire Publications, multiple poems, Poet of the month, March 2019.

The Short Story Project, “Beyond The Box” and “Roaches,” March 2019.

The Short Story Project, “Charlie On The Edge Of Town,” February 2019.

The Short Story Project, “An Uncertain Light,” January 2019.

The Short Story Project, “A Bridge Between,” January 2019.

Interim, poems, “Knowing What To Keep” and “Quagmire,” published in their Winter Magazine, January 2019.

P.O.S.E., poem, “Spinning Still,” December 2018.

Tupelo Presses 30/30 for December 2018. One of my poems was published each day for thirty days.

Poetry of Spring’s Embrace, poems, “If Anything,” November​ 2018 and “Lunette” December 2018.

The National Fiction War Contest, Short story, “Radical” One of fourteen finalists to win a monetary prize. The story will be published in Fiction War Magazine, Volume 8, in 2019. The winning announcement can be found under “Fiction War Summer 2018.”

P.O.S.E., poems, “Falling” and “Our Last Day,” September and October 2018.

Soft Cartel, fiction/short story “Crazy-Making,” August 2018.

Thirteen Myna Birds, Poem, “Bird On Fire,” August 2018.

DoveTales / Empathy In Art: Embracing The Other, fiction/short story, “Conviction,” August 2018, book.

Rye Whisky Review, fiction/short stories, “Roaches,” August 2018 September 2018, “Faith.”

Poetry of Spring’s Embrace, poems, “Happily Ever After” May 2018 and “Letting Go,” June 2018, and, “Summer.” July 2018.

Poetry On The Buses, Event, Kelle Grace Gaddis reads at the Bellevue Transit Center, April 2018.

“Conviction,” Short story, published by Writing For Peace & DoveTales in their DoveTales 2018 anthology, April 2018.

Madness Muse Press Interview, March 2018.

“Thinking About How Much They Hate You When They Can’t Control You While Shopping At A Discount Store,” poem, published by The Dope Fiend Daily. February 2018.

“In Your Absence” & “Wisdom Garden” (Revised), published by Husk Magazine #2, February 2018. Book / Australia

“Hungry,” Poem, published by Poetry of Poetry of Spring’s Embrace, January 2018.

“Wisdom Garden,” Poem, published by Poetry of Spring’s Embrace, December 2017.

Duvall Public Library Reading – Kelle Grace Gaddis reads My Myths on November 1, 2017 – 7 pm.

Kelle Grace Gaddis’s Interview with The Heroine’s Journey, October 2017.

Kelle Grace Gaddis’s – “A Review of Tammy Robacker’s Villain Songs,” published by Crab Creek Review, October 2017.

Poetry On The Buses Reading – Renton Library – Kelle Grace Gaddis reads her winning 4Culture/P.O.B’s poem September 2017.

“An Uncertain Light,” Literary fiction, published by BlazeVox17, September 2017.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and the Unexplainable, Book, “The Next Chapter In My Story,” ​non-fiction short, forthcoming, September 2017.

“Thieves” Literary Fiction, published by Vending Machine Press’s “Very Fine Writing” August 2017.

Interview with Writers & Readers II *Goes live on July 14, 2017.

Open Books: A Poem Emporium in Seattle, Washington Kelle Grace Gaddis and Poet Laureate Tammy Robacker read from My Myths & Villain Songs June 24th 7pm (It was brilliant!)

National Poetry Month and Beyond – Featured Poets – Re-published – “Polishing A Gem On The Surface Of The Sea” (Epic) May 2017.

Echoic Magazine, May Issue 2017. A review of My Myths and an interview with JAnn Bowers. Poems appearing in Echoic Magazine and on the Echoic Blog “Chasing” and “The Shelves.”

Hugo House Reading – Kelle Grace Gaddis Book Launch of My Myths, April 2017. (Amazing night! We filled every seat in the cabaret).

“Love, Near Paradise,” poem published by Blank Rune Press in The Love Anthology February 2017.

“Faith,” short fiction published by Rhetoric Askew in Anthology Askew February 2017.

“New Year After Blood Sacrifice” Dispatches Editions, Resist Much / Obey Little Anthology Poetry Anthology February 2017.

“Still,” poem, published by 4Culture as one of the Poetry On The Buses contest winners for 2017.

“Commitments,” flash fiction published by Vending Machine Press, January 2017.

My Myths, poetry and short fiction collection, published by Yellow Chair Press – December 2016. Available at Open Books: A Poem Emporium, and by writing to me at Yellow Chair Press has sold out of copies.

“Small Bites,” The Till Chapbook, November 2016.

“Writer,” “Twenty-seven Realizations in Five Days,” “Uncle,” “Lost Tribe,” “The Fisherwoman,” and “Sun Meets Moon,” published by Five Willows Poetry Review, June 2016.

“Love V. Marriage,” Hessler Street Fair Anthology, May 2016.

“Existential Crisis,” LOLX – April 2016.

“It Is What It Is, It Was What It Was,” and “Act One,” published by Shake The Tree Anthology 2016, March 2016.

“The Weaver Woman,” “The Fisherwoman,” and “Lost Tribe” Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze, M.L. Johnson’s Contemporary Poetry AnthologyFebruary 2016.

“When I Was A Child,” The New Independents Magazine, hardcopy Magazine, December 2015.

“Chasing” revised “Hungover” and revised “Disparate Moments,” BlazeVOX15  / BlazeVOX December 2015.

“Bones,” and “Hungover” Thirteen Myna Birds &  Blood Pudding Press, September 2015.

“The Veil,” A Starry Night Sanctuary, September 2015.

Short story, “Charlie On The Edge,” Knot Literary Magazine Spring Ed. March – June 2015

“Remembering,” Entropy, May of 2015

“Wishes” Dove Tales, print anthology, The Nature Edition May 2015.

“The Way Home,” 4Culture’s “Poetry on the Buses,” March 2015.

( Excerpt) “Polishing A Gem On The Surface Of The Sea,” Shake The Tree 2015.

Short story, “My Son” and poems “Surf Music,” “The Situation,” “When He Breaks” and “Empty,” Knot Literary & Arts Magazine, November 2014 edition.

“Wishes” DoveTales Literary Journal, Online Edition October 2014.

“A Day At The Beach With The NSA,” Blackmail Press, Edition 37, September of 2014.

Husky Herald Newspaper’s article, “Risky Business: Problem Gambling Among College Students,” was published in 2013. It is one of many Husky Herald pieces published between 2013-2014

Clamor Literary Journal 2012, “Lovers” (Poem)

Clamor Literary Journal 2013, “Charlie On The Edge of Town” (Short Story)

Clamor Literary Journal 2011, “Reservation” (Poem)

Poetry prize winner in’s National Poetry Contest 2004 “Tulalip” (Poem)


My Myths published by Yellow Chair Review

Poetry / Chapbooks

When I’m Not Myself

It Is What It Is – It Was What It Was

Polishing A Gem On The Surface Of The Sea

American Discard (Erasure)

Visions Of

More Recent Readings

Soul Food – Kelle Grace Gaddis was a featured reader alongside Sam Ligon, Carolyn Lee Wright, Kate Lebo, and Clare Johnson.

Open Books – Guest reader at Tammy Robacker’s Villain Songs book launch.

Hugo House – My Myths Book Launch Party March 26th, 2017.

VALA February 2017.

Margin Shift Poetry Collective at CAM, Community AREA Maintenance, featured reader, October 2016.

The Jewel Box Theater Shake The Tree Volume Two Launch featuring CA Conrad and Kelle Grace Gaddis, Deborah Woodard and Anastacia Renee Tolbert – May 2016

The Creekside in Kirkland – Featured Reader February 2016

The Jewel Box Theater Triple Book Launch Featuring, Kelle Grace Gaddis, CA Conrad, Carolyne Lee Wright & Deborah Woodard November 2015

Lit Crawl Seattle October 2015, 2016, and 2017

UWB Spring Festival – May 2013 and May 2014

Hugo House Open Mics (Twice monthly between 2011 – 2015)

Greenlake Library – Featured poet August 2014


Kelle Grace Gaddis received her MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics from the University of Washington in 2014. She is proud to have graduated at the top of her class with a 3.98 GPA. Her education continues with ongoing classes with PNWA, WFWA, and Hugo House.


Ms. Gaddis is currently the lead editor of Brightly Press. Brightly Presses annual anthology, Shake The Tree features some of the most recognized poets in the country including CA Conrad, Frank Sherlock, Kate Durbin, Malachi Black, Deborah Woodard, Kit Frick, Maged Zaher, Carolyne Lee Wright, Natasha Moni, TC Tolbert, Sam Ligon, Natalie Diaz, Douglas Kearney, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Cynthia Atkins, Tammy Robacker, Jane L. Carmen, Janice Lee, Matthew Trease, Joseph Musso, Sam Slaughter, David Tomas Martinez, Rebecca Chamaa, Trish Hopkinson, Stacey Levine, Chelsea Jean Werner-Jatzke, Karen Finneyfrock, Scott Driscoll, Ed Harkness, Connie Post, Chen Chen, Kaveh Akbar, Anastacia Renee Tolbert, Kristen Young, Chila Bradshaw Woychik,Clare Johnson, Kate Lebo, Kristen Scott, Carolyne Lee Wright and Christopher P. Locke.

Presses website is at You can also join Brightly Press on Facebook for announcements and free poetry contests.


Kelle Grace Gaddis performs regularly at Hugo House, RASP and other open mic events and at other venues in and around the Seattle area.

She was the host of the Arts, Literature & Music Hour on UWAVE Radio 2013-2014.

TV work includes a seminar segment for The Ghost Adventurers TV show during their Seattle production in 2011. A portion of this segment can be found on YouTube by searching for “Kelle Grace Gaddis and Darkness Radio 2011.”

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